Fáilte go Rang a Cúig

Through this page, you can view samples of the children’s work and keep up to date with all that is going on in our busy classroom throughout the year.

We've made a great start to the year in 5th class.

''Tús maith, leath na hoibre''


We are currently learning all about Greece and Greek Mythology in S.E.S.E. We can now recognise elements of fantasy and exaggeration. Thomas kindly brought in theatre tickets, stamps and old currency he kept from his holiday to Greece. 


Sa rang a cúig, táimid ag déanamh ár ndíchill  chun feabhas a chur ar ár scileanna teanga bhéil sa Ghaeilge. Táimid ag obair go dian chun é sin a bhaint amach. Bhaineamar úsáid as bosca draíochta agus frasaí bosca draíochta gach lá.  Thaitin an cluiche seo go hiontach linn an steachtain seo agus beimid ag spraoi leis an gcluiche as seo amach.


Solar-powered Helicopter

Dema, presenting his solar-powered helicopter to the class for show and tell. We enjoyed listening to him while he enthusiastically informed us of how it operated.


This year, we are very lucky to be getting the opportunity to develop our cycling skills. We have only had two sessions so far and already we can see our hard work paying off.  


Incorporating Zentangles with Abstract Art


Collecting, organising and representing data 

Goal Jersey Day

The boys wore a jersey of a team they support and donated money to the charity GOAL. 

The boys raised a fantastic €280.60.


Celebrating Ireland's win against Russia!!!


Maths week 

We have been working hard on our Tables in 5th Class and we know them really well! Here is an audio clip of  5th Class singing the times tables. Hopefully it will help you to learn and revise the multiples. Remember to keep practising your tables, multiplication and division at home! 

Climate Action Week

To avoid the disappearance of honey, beeswax, MANY flowers, and bees themselves, our busy pollinators must thrive. Therefore, 5th Class came up with a fantastic way of how we could do our bit to help save the bees. We decided  to plant flowers this week for the bees. The boys did a great job as they managed to plant them just before the rain. The children decided to create rain collectors using 2litre bottles. They will use these rain collectors as watering cans by piercing holes into the top if the bottle. We will keep you updated on our progress!

The code hub

5th Class had a very exciting visit from the Code Hub. They were introduced to the language of I-pads to see that their devices can be outlets for their natural creativity and not just for passive entertainment.
They had great fun developing their understanding of coding and improving their digital literacy.


The 5th class boys were involved with the ''Aldi Play Rugby'' programme which is developed by the IRFU and supported by Aldi. The boys had a blitz this week which was a fun, non-contact and safe way for them to get involved in rugby. They also were involved in wishing the Ireland rugby team good luck using all the flags of all the countries involved in the world cup.They won all their matches!!!!Harold boys ABÚ!!

Contrast Art

Oíche  Shamhna  shona daoibh

Debate team

Our first debate topic in 5th class was ''Bonfires should be banned on Hallowe'en night'' We argued our points in the hall against 6th class. Both sides points were at a very high standard. The side that was for the motion won.  

Friendship week

Science Week

                              Lava Lamp

Chemical Energy

We learned how Oil is less dense then water

We learned how the Alka Seltzer is a combination of sodium bicarbonate, aspirin and a citric acid. The hydrogen reacts with the bicarbonate to produce carbon dioxide, which appears as bubbles in the lava lamp.

The gas bubbles rose up and took some food coloring and water with them to the surface. Once all the gas bubbles have escaped then the water and oil separate again.

Christmas play: Fadó, Fadó.........

History Week

Christmas Art: Christmas Carolers using fabric and fibres

Non- Renewable Energy (Fossil fuels:Coal)Experiment

Global Citizenship workshop

Our beautiful hot air balloons created using paper mache  technique.

We really enjoyed our trip to Kilmainham Gaol

Scríobh Leabhair

We were thrilled when Mrs. Buckley informed us of how much she loved our self-portraits that she decided to frame them and hang them up in her office. Very proud of all the boys.

Science open night

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