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Active School Flag

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We are so excited to be working towards our very first Active School Flag this year (2022/2023).

Keep up to date with all our activities below !

Meet the Committee


Our Active School Committee is made up of two boys from each class. The boys work very hard to keep everyone in the school active, fit and moving in different, fun and exciting ways !

Our Active School Slogan:

We are healthy, we are fit, Harold Boys' never quit!

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Fifth and Sixth Class took part in the 'Marathon Kids' Challenge. They ran a marathon over eight weeks in school! To celebrate their last kilometre the boys ran around Cuala ! Second class and our Active School committee members joined them to support their final stint !


Run Around Ireland Challenge

Rang a 2, 3 & 4 have been taking part in the Run Around Ireland Challenge. They have clocked up a lot of kilometers running laps of the yard !



This year we are focusing on the Gymnastics Strand in PE. Every class has been learning different balances, rolls and sequences. Every class has made great progress!

What Club are you in? 

Our 6th class pupils on the Active School Committee conducted a ‘What Club Are You In?’ survey to find out about physical activity opportunities in the local community, they used a block chart to graph the information!

Our Active Flag Bulletin Board

A lovely article in the Dalkey newsletter about our work towards our first Active School Flag written by Aaron who is on the Active School Committee !

Active Lines

Our playground leaders thought of excellent exercises to keep the whole school active in their lines after break time !

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