Harold Boys' Green Schools' news!

2nd class: Alfie Brennan & Seán Doyle

3rd class: Max Robinson & Jacob White

4th class: Peter Gavin & Jake Tran

5th class: Robbie McKenna and Madhav Sandip Nambiar

6th class: Turloch Egan Mason, Patrick Howard & Antoni Siejko

Staff: Marvin Bautista, Ms Buckley, Ms O'Neill and Mr Smith

Green Schools' Committee 2019-20

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We participated in the DLR Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition this year and the overall standard of the decorations was fantastic! Eventually (after many arguments!) our judging panel chose winners from each class as well as a school champion to represent the school at the ceremony in Dun Laoghaire County Hall on December 11. Their decorations can be seen below. All of the decorations submitted are on display either in the fantastic collection in the school corridor or in Roberts' of Dalkey, who we would like to thank for kindly agreeing to show off our decorations again this year!

Thanks to Roberts' of Dalkey for displaying our recycled Christmas decorations again this year and for the delicious hot chocolates!

STEPS Engineering Award

Rang a 4 are taking part in the STEPS Engineering award this year. Over the past two months the boys have been working on projects that will improve the local community. They have come up with super ideas; from planting trees, providing more public bins and creating cycle paths on the main street. Fergal, a water engineer from Engineering Ireland visited our school to watch the boys present their projects. He was very impressed with their work. The boys completed two very interesting engineering activities with  Fergals help, they designed their own community, and created wind turbines. 


Dalkey Creates Festival - November 2019

We were delighted to be a part of Dalkey Creates Festival again this year. We brought our Wheelbarrow Garden which we have been looking after since October to Dalkey Church for a display with other local schools. The Wheelbarrow Gardens are always a colourful addition to the church grounds during the festival and our committee were very proud of their work!


Solar-powered Helicopter

20190920_103059 (1).jpg

5th class were given a presentation today about a solar-powered helicopter for show and tell. It was a great example of solar power on a small scale and it was fantastic fun to see the helicopter in action!

Planting in the School Garden


Our Green Schools' Committee were busy planting bulbs in the garden. These bulbs should sprout in the spring and get our garden off to a colourful start to the year! Check out the pictures below to see our committee members in action 

Climate Action Week

To avoid the disappearance of honey, beeswax, MANY flowers, and bees themselves, our busy pollinators must thrive. Therefore, 5th Class came up with a fantastic way of how we could do our bit to help save the bees. We decided  to plant flowers this week for the bees. The boys did a great job as they managed to plant them just before the rain. The children decided to create rain collectors using 2litre bottles. They will use these rain collectors as watering cans by piercing holes into the top if the bottle. We will keep you updated on our progress!


Jersey Day

On October 3rd, we wore our favourite jerseys to school in support of GOAL. This was a big part of our Green Schools' work around Global Citizenship. We raised €280.60 for a great cause and watched Ireland vs Japan in the Rugby World Cup as a reward!

Wheelbarrow Gardens for Dalkey Creates Festival 2019


This year, we in 5th class are very lucky to be getting the opportunity to develop our cycling skills. We have only had two sessions so far and already we can see our hard work paying off!


Environmental Awareness and Care- the boys did group projects on some of the world's rivers, oceans, grasslands and rainforests.