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Global Citizenship - Energy Flag 2020-22

Sustainable Energy

Welcome to our Green Schools' page. This page will keep you up-to-date on the work we do in school towards our seventh Green Flag for Global Citizenship - Energy. We feel it is very important to look after the environment and to help our community too and we look forward to doing this over this school year! 


National COW Day!

Wednesday 15th of September was National COW (Cycle On Wednesday) Day. The Green Schools Committee helped organise the day and went around to each class to remind them to bring in their bikes. The day was extremely successful as almost a third of the school cycled. In all, there was a grand total of 32 students and staff who cycled, 10 students who used scooters and 2 students who rode their skateboards to school. Our new bicycle and scooter racks at the front of our school were jammed full which was great to see! A big thank you to everyone who rode their bike to school. Cycling is a really great way to help save our planet as there are no emissions like there are from cars and it also helps us get some exercise too.

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Climate Action Week 


Activity 1: GOAL Jersey Day - Global Citizenship 

We organised a Jersey day fundraiser for GOAL as part of our Global Citizenship. GOAL do great work in helping us achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality and Quality Education around the world. 

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Activity 2: Class Bins Competition - Litter and Waste

We also organised a class bins competition to make sure everyone was using the right bins or different types of waste and to make sure our recycling was clean, dry and loose. The bins were judged each day over Climate Action Week by Mr Smith and the winning class won a day off homework! 

Activity 3: Global Awareness Surveys - Energy

Each class completed global awareness surveys. See the results below: 


Activity 4: WOW Day (or Cycle or Scoot!) - Transport

Due to social distancing measures, we could only organise a walk for 2nd class from the Cuala grounds to school on Wednesday but 3rd to 6th class did a great job cycling, scooting and walking on their own to school. 2nd class had a lovely time on their walk!


Activity 5: The Great Plant Hunt Quiz - Biodiversity

As part of Climate Action Week, classes also completed The Great Plant Hunt Quizzes for their class level on the Green Schools website. We already knew lots about biodiversity but there was loads of new information and videos in the quizzes too! 

Activity 6: Plastic-Free Lunches - Global Citizenship Energy/Litter and Waste

We had a plastic-free lunch day on Friday as part of World Food Day. We all tried to bring in lunches that had no plastic packaging in them which is something simple we can do which will have a positive effect on the environment. 


Activity 7 - Cyber Break - Energy

Our final activity as part of Climate Action Week and as part of promoting wellbeing within the school is we have organised a Cyber Break for Friday 15th and Saturday 16th October. This means giving up our devices such as phones, tablets and games consoles for 24 hours to give ourselves a break from the online world. This is also useful for saving energy at home!

Heart Shape

DLR Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition

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