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Global Citizenship
Energy Flag 2023 / 24

Welcome to our Green Schools' page. This page will keep you up-to-date on the work we do in school towards our seventh Green Flag for Global Citizenship - Energy. We feel it is very important to look after the environment and to help our community too and we look forward to doing this over this school year! 

National COW Day!

Wednesday 15th of September was National COW (Cycle On Wednesday) Day. The Green Schools Committee helped organise the day and went around to each class to remind them to bring in their bikes. The day was extremely successful as almost a third of the school cycled. In all, there was a grand total of 32 students and staff who cycled, 10 students who used scooters and 2 students who rode their skateboards to school. Our new bicycle and scooter racks at the front of our school were jammed full which was great to see! A big thank you to everyone who rode their bike to school. Cycling is a really great way to help save our planet as there are no emissions like there are from cars and it also helps us get some exercise too.

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