Rang a 3

Pod 1 - Billy Bananas

Pod 2 - Brick Wall

Pod 3 - Super Melos

Pod 4 - TBNR

Pod 5 - Team SpongeBob

Pod 4 - TBNR

Our Classroom

Fáilte go Rang a Trí!

Welcome to 3rd Class.

We have a fun and exciting year ahead.

We will be updating this page on all the things we get up to!

Our plant experiments

Our Art Folders

Oral Language Games

Cluichí Gaeilge


Many more to come!

Reading for Literacy


Super Drawing!

3D Shape trail

Minibeast hunt

Constructing 3D shapes

Halloween Art

Musical Instruments

Science week

This week, we learnt all about the respiratory system. We counted our breaths per minutes at rest. Then we counted our breath rate after 1 minute of star jumps! We found it increased because we need more  oxygen to release energy from our food. 

History Week

Happy Christmas!

The boys had great fun opening their secret Santa presents today, having a class party and extra yard time!

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