Rang a 3

Fáilte go Rang a Trí!

Welcome to 3rd Class.

We have a fun and exciting year ahead.

We will be updating this page on all the things we get up to!


In Science this month we have been looking at the body and our skeleton. To show the importance of our ribs, the boys created a protective layer using lots of different materials such as tin foil, cling film and foam. To test their durability, the boys tested out their creations by placing a biscuit inside and dropping it from a great height. We had no broken biscuits so it was an overall success!


I rang a trí, táimid ag foghlaim faoi ‘Mé Féin’. Tá suim mór ag na páistí sa FBI agus de bharr sin, rinneamar ár gcuid suaitheantas féin. Scríobh siad eolas fúthú féin cosúil le ainm, aois agus a gclann. D’oibrigh na buachaillí go dian le sin agus bhain siad taitneamh as!


This year, we are working really hard on our oral language skills. One of the ways in which we are doing this is by having a monthly debate. The motion for this month's debate was 'Should Homework be Banned?'. The boys presented their ideas to Rang a Dó today in a lively debate. There were fantastic points made from both sides with the homework should be banned side winning! Well Done to both sides!


The boys have begun their guitar lessons as part of the Music Generation programme. The last two weeks they have been working on strumming and how to make the best sound from their guitar. They are really enjoying it!

Jersey Day

On October 3rd, the boys wore their favourite jersey to school in support of GOAL. They watched Ireland vs Japan in the Rugby World Cup and cheered them on!


In Science this month we are looking at plants and living things. Yesterday we went out into the school garden and tried to identify as many different leaves using leaf ID cards. 


In Rang a 3 we have a WOW wall where work that the boys have worked really hard on is displayed. The boys choose the piece of work themselves. Look at all our WOW work below!

steps Science Project

This term, Rang a 3 and Rang a 4 are participating in a very exciting science project run by Engineering Ireland. The boys have been put into groups and they must create an engineering invention which improves their local community. Today, the boys had their first group meeting and came up with lots of brilliant ideas such as; converting the church carpark into a garden, widening St Patrick's Road and creating docks for electric cars. We will keep you updated on all our progress over the next number of weeks!

Spooky Silhouettes

We're getting all set for Halloween here in Rang a 3. Check out our spooky silhouettes below!

Maths Week

It's Maths Week this week and Rang a 3 have been very busy with lots of different activities. Throughout the week, the boys have learnt how to play sudoku, they've done some spinning  multiplication, completed a Maths trail around the school and created their own 3-D Shapes. They enjoyed all the activities and had lots of fun with Maths!

Maths Monsters

Last week we learnt about 3D Shapes. Since it's close to Halloween, Rang a 3 made their own Maths monsters using as many 3-D shapes as they could. Check them out below! 

Friendship            Week 

Rang a 3 have had a fantastic week celebrating Friendship this week with lots of different fun activities. 


On Monday, the boys had a drumming workshop where they got to play lots of different types of drums.

On Tuesday, we had a debate with Rang a 2 about whether pupils should have to wear uniforms. There were lots of great points made by both sides!

On Wednesday, the boys wrote some friendship poetry and recited it to the class. 

On Thursday, Rang a 5 helped the boys make some friendship bracelets.

The Vikings

This month, Rang a 3 are learning all about the Vikings. This week, they created their own Viking shield and learnt how to write their name in Viking.

Oral Language Stations

Every Thursday, the boys play games to help improve their oral language skills. The games include; Speaker Box, Blurt, Splat Spell and Word on the Street. The boys are really enjoying the games and their skills are getting better and better each week!

Science Week 2019

Head to the STEM tab to check out what the boys got up to during Science Week.

History Week 2019

The boys were very busy celebrating History Week this week. On Wednesday, we went on our school tour to Dublinia where we got to experience what life was like as a Viking. On Friday, it was Historical Fancy Dress where the boys dressed up as a famous historical figure and brought in a historical artefact which was included in the History timeline.  

Viking Projects and Artefacts

Pizza Fractions!

The boys have been working very hard on their fractions this term. In order to make Maths as real- life as possible, we turned our classroom into a pizzeria!The boys made their own pizzas using fractions for all the different toppings!

Guess  who 'AS GAEILGE'

Christmas has arrived in Rang a 3

Everyone is very excited for Christmas here in Rang a 3. This week, the boys made their own snowmen and we had a Christmas themed 'Show and Tell'. Preparations are in full swing for our Christmas play this Thursday at 10am. We hope to see you all there!

Hello 2020!

The boys were back this week refreshed and ready to go! We started off the week by writing New Years Resolutions and what we would like to do in the New Year. On Friday, the boys earned enough Dojos to go to Cuala for their minutes. They had a great time., 

Mindfulness Worry Bottles  

This week, we looked at things that might cause us to worry and how we can make ourselves feel better. The boys created their own glitter bottles. Whenever they feel worried they can give the bottle a little shake and watch the glitter settle. Check out some of them below!


Check out our koala- ty art!

Letters to the President

The boys have been looking at letter writing this month. They have just finished writing their letters to Michael D Higgins. We will be eagerly awaiting his reply!

Scríobh Leabhar 

The boys have been working very hard over the last few weeks making their own 'Scríobh Leabhar' as Gaeilge.  During the week, we visited Rang a 2 and the boys read their Scríobh Leabhar to each other.  

10 @ 10 As Gaeilge

Book Club

Each month in Rang a 3 we have a Book Club where the boys bring in a book that they are reading or have read recently. They give a short synopsis of the book and what they are liking about it. This gives the boys an opportunity to hear about different books and potentially read them themselves. We compiled a shortlist of some books the boys like at the moment which you can check out below.

Rang a 3 January Book Club recommendations

  1. Beast of Buckingham Palace, David Walliams

  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket

  3. Pugs of the Frozen North, Philip Reeve

  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Jeff Kinney

  5. Dog Man: Fetch 22, Dav Pilkey 

  6. Long Way Home, Michael Morpurgo 

  7. Kick, Mitch Johnson

  8. Big Nate: Revenge of the Cream Puff, Lincoln Pierce

  9. 93- Storey Tree House, Andy Griffiths

  10. Last Kids on Earth, Max Brailler

Up Up and Away!


Last Friday, we had a Science Show and Tell. The boys brought in cool Science books as well as completing their own scientific experiments. 


In Geography, the boys learnt all about the Solar System and created their own planets.

Geography: Weather

This month in Geography we have been looking at the weather and how meteorologists predict it. We made barometers, wind vanes and rain gauges and placed them outside to make our own weather forecast. 

Réanhaisnéis na hAimsire 

D'oibrigh na buachaillí i ngrúpaí chun reamhaisnéis na haimsire a chruthú. Bhí siad go hiontach! 

Milano's Pizza Making Class

For our school tour the boys headed to Milano's in Dun Laoghaire for a pizza making class. They put on their chef hats and aprons and made some delicious Margherita pizzas. 


During the week the boys had a talk on Global Citizenship from Dale. He told the boys all about how to care for different animals, showed them some insects and played a game of 'Bat Mouse'. The boys learned lots about how to be Global Citizens.

Letter From the President

Before mid-term, the boys wrote letters to Michael D. Higgins. They received a reply in the post with a signed picture of the President. There was great excitement in the class when the boys received the letter! You can read the letter below. 


All this month we have been learning about Sound. During the week, the boys were put into groups and given a variety of materials to make their own instruments. We had lots of great ideas from tissue box strings to shaking maracas. In the end, we all played together and created a recyclable orchestra!

Engineering Week

To celebrate Engineering Week, the boys were invited to a STEM workshop in Dalkey Library. They made circuits, created earthquake-proof houses and learned about all the different things that engineers do. 

world book day 

On Friday, we celebrated World Book Day. The boys dressed up as their favourite book character and created a 3-D model of the character- there were some fantastic costumes!

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