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Our Academics

We are proud of the high standard of education we offer in Harold Boys’ National School. Our team of dedicated teachers set high expectations and support students in reaching their academic goals. As a school, we strive to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in which students of all interests and abilities can flourish both academically and socially.


Literacy is one of the core subject areas of the National School Curriculum. We put a strong emphasis on the importance of reading. Every student is encouraged to read daily both in school during D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) time and at home every evening. Each class reads a number of class novels every year and enjoys trips to our local library. We believe that there is something to suit every learner from debates and oral language games to poetry and writing competitions.


Children learn to write across a variety of genres. They engage in the writing process which involves researching, writing, editing and finally publishing their work. The boys enjoy participating in the ‘Write a Book’ project and showcasing their stories.


A consistent approach to teaching Mathematics is implemented across the school. Maths games help support the learning of key mathematical principles and foster problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to pose their own mathematical problems, devise maths trails and come up with a variety of approaches to solving tasks.


We are proud recipients of the Curious Minds Award. We believe that STEM increases innovative thinking, fosters collaboration and encourages curiosity. Along with our weekly computer lessons, the boys enjoy engaging in science experiments and investigations each month. During ‘Science Week’ the children are encouraged to research a topic of interest and demonstrate their findings to their class. 


Each class conducts a local study in a different part of our beautiful locality. We learn about the human environments and natural features of Ireland. We also enjoy learning about different countries in Europe as well as the wider world.

Physical Education

We have an impressive physical education programme in place in Harold Boys’ National School. The boys participate in weekly Gaelic football sessions, basketball coaching, swimming lessons along with gymnastics, cycling and dance. The boys have the opportunity to represent our school in Athletics and other sporting competitions. The boys enjoy their annual trip to Avon Rí Adventure centre. We were awarded our Active School Flag in June 2023 which acknowledged our commitment to Physical Education.​​​

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