Welcome to 2nd class' STEM page. We hope you enjoy looking at all of our wonderful work throughout the year!

Science - Sound

We made string telephones to explore how sound travels along a string. 

Maths: Symmetry

Maths: 2-D Shape Snowmen

Science Week 2020 : 08/11/20 - 15/11/20

Rainbow Spinners

Planting Daffodil Bulbs

Outdoor Show & Tell Experiments

Indoor Show & Tell Experiments

Dancing Raisins

Magic Milk

Bubbling Potions

Raincloud in a Jar

Rainbow Skittles

Maths - Data

We are learning about data in 2nd class. We made a pictogram of our favourite zoo animals. 

Nature Trail

Thirsty Celery Experiment

We placed our celery sticks in to blue water. We then observed how the celery sticks and leaves turned blue over the course of a few days. This showed us that plants drink water. 

Cress Seed Experiment

We planted cress seeds in two different cups marked A & B. We placed Cup A on the windowsill and Cup B in the cupboard. We observed the results over a few days in the classroom. 

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