Rang a 4

Fáilte go dtí rang a 4!

We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with all that is happening in our classroom !


We have been learning about the different houses and homes all over the world.

We completed projects on the different types of houses and presented our work to Rang a 2.


We learned about the artist Pablo Picasso.

We created our own paintings inspired by his work.


This year we are focusing on improving our oral language skills. 

We are going to take part in a debate every month to help develop our speaking skills. 

This month we are debating : 

'Homework Should be Banned'.

We have had super points and arguments from both sides.

Maith sibh!

"Homework Should be Banned"

Music Generation

We are so lucky to get the opportunity to take part in the Music Generation programme!

The boys are getting guitar lessons every week for the whole year!

The last two weeks have been spent learning about the different strings, as well as our short and long notes!


Táimid i gconaí ag cleachtadh ár dteanga ó bhéal sa Ghaeilge. 

An téama an mhí seo ná 'Mé Féin'.

Táimid an-mhaith ag caint fúinn féin 

Éist  linn! 

Our Impressionism inspired by Claude Monet


This week in Science we completed three investigations about 'Myself'.

We found,described and compared our fingerprints.

We discovered our dominant eye, and we also found our blind spot!

We described our fingerprints in four different ways : Cusps, Loops, Splits and Ridges.

Although some of our fingerprints were similar, no two were the same !

Every fingerprint is unique!


This year we are taking part in the STEPS Young Engineering Award. This competition encourages students to explore the world of engineering by developing a project to help improve the local community.

We have seven teams taking part, and each team have come up with very interesting ideas. 

We will keep you up to date with our projects as we continue to work on them.

Show & Tell

Every Friday the boys bring in an item from home for 'Show & Tell'.

We have had very interesting objects, from medals the boys have won, to amazing pieces of art!

The boys are very good at presenting their items to the class.

Maths Week

We have had a very busy Maths week! 

This week we learned how to code, completed maths trails, solved maths riddles, played 'noggle', and resolved robberies using our knowledge of 2-D shapes!

Maith sibh Rang a 4!

Tag Rugby 

The boys took part in the Aldi Play Rugby programme this year!

They had super training sessions every Monday and took part in a tag rugby blitz in Blackrock RFC last Friday.

The boys played super rugby and were undefeated!! 

They then wished the Irish Rugby the best of luck in their World Cup game!

Oíche Shamhna

Táimid ag tnúth go mór le haghaidh Oíche Shamhna i rang a 4!

Bhí na buachaillí gléasta suas go hiontach ar an Aoine!

Rinneamar úlla seacláide agus d'imríomar cluichí Oíche Shamhna!

Friendship Week

This week for Friendship week the boys took part in a drumming workshop, played oral language games, made friendship poetry, created loom bands, made a compliment circle, and completed an obstacle course made by rang a 6!

Oral Language Games

This year, as we are focusing on improving our oral language skills, we have a number of new oral language games.

Once a week we use these oral language games to broaden our vocabulary and improve our speaking skills.

They are great fun!

Science Week 

We have had a very busy science week in Rang a 4! We completed an experiment to test for the presence of starch. We added iodine to a number of foods and materials, if the iodine turned a blue-black colour starch was present. We worked hard on our STEM projects throughout the week and also had a very interesting talk from DELL.

STEPS Engineering Award

Rang a 4 are taking part in the STEPS Engineering award this year. Over the past two months the boys have been working on projects that will improve the local community. They have come up with super ideas; from planting trees, providing more public bins and creating cycle paths on the main street. Fergal, a water engineer from Engineering Ireland visited our school to watch the boys present their projects. He was very impressed with their work. The boys completed two very interesting engineering activities with  Fergals help, they designed their own community, and created wind turbines. 

Our Winter Art

Amazing Triangles

We learned all about amazing triangles! The triangle is a strong shape and is used to support structures. As it is not easily deformed, the triangle is a very popular building shape.

We used toothpicks and mini-marshmallows to create our own squares, cubes, triangles and pyramids. We compared each of these shapes.

We then had a construction competition - Who could make the sturdiest creation using their toothpicks and marshmallows. There were many amazing creations!

Length & Perimeter

We have been learning about length and perimeter in maths. We decided to use what we have learned to find the perimeter of the basketball courts.

In groups of four the boys used both trundle wheels and metre sticks to find the perimeter of each court.


Dalkey Heritage Centre

Rang a 4 had a fabulous day at the Dalkey Heritage Centre last Thursday. 

They learned lots about the history of Dalkey and our other surrounding areas.

Dalkey Castle was one of the seven town houses of Dalkey during the Middle Ages.

The boys got to make their own coin and had the opportunity to explore both the castle and graveyard.

The boys were presented with a certificate from the King of Dalkey at the end of the day.

Everyone had great fun! 

 Art Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky:

Squares with Concentric Circles


We have been working on a number of different balances in gymnastics!


We have been learning all about Spain in SESE. We worked in groups to create projects based on different aspects of Spain : facts, festivals, food, past-times and climate change. We presented our projects to Rang a 2!


The boys had a very busy day in Kippure on their school tour. They took part in Celtic Warrior training!

Having learned all about the Celts before Christmas they were ready to take on their challenges! The boys created their own shelters, made their own tea, raced their handmade boats down the river, and completed a very difficult treasure hunt.

A great day was had by all!

World Book Day!

We had a very busy week leading up to World Book Day!

The boys wrote a book report on our class novel 'Spud Murphy', they wrote a letter to send to their favourite author (let's hope we will hear back), and created book covers for their favourite books.

On Friday the boys dressed up as a character from their favourite book (we had a lot of wizards in the class), and presented their book to the rest of the class!

Seachtain    na Gaeilge

Bhíomar an-ghnóthach i rang a 4 le Seachtain na Gaeilge! Rinne na buachaillí pictiúr bunaithe ar sheanfhocail, d'imir siad 'Guess Who' as Gaeilge, chleachtaigh siad a nGaeilge ó bhéal le chartaí cainte, agus chan siad 'Amhrán na gCupán' don cheolchoirm ar an gCéadaoin. Bhí siad go léir go hiontach!


We have been learning about area in maths! We defined area as 'the space within the perimeter'.

We used books and copybooks to measure the area of our desks. This showed us how important it is to have a standard measurement, as everyone got a different answer! We then measured out a metre squared on the classroom floor to see exactly how big it is!

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