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Science Week November 2019


Sixth Class

Sixth class had a wonderful time developing the skill of observation using ice muffins.


Maths Week 12th-20th October 2019

Maths Eyes - 2nd & 6th class

Photo 25-09-2019, 14 47 29.jpg

Maths Week 2019 : 12th - 20th October

In 2nd class we have been learning about data - block graphs and pictograms. We decided to display our favourite zoo animals in the form of a pictogram during Maths Week.

Every boy in 2nd class got his own Maths Trail booklet during Maths Week. There were plenty of different challenges in it, including measuring the length and width of the yard with footsteps, as you can see on the right. 

2nd Class Science - Cress Seed Experiment

We set up an experiment in our classroom to observe the difference between how seeds grow in and out of light. The boys set up two identical sets of cress seeds; same amounts of cotton wool, same amounts of water and the same amount of cress seeds. The only difference was we labelled the cups 'A' and 'B'. Cup A was then placed on our classroom windowsill and Cup B was placed in a dark cupboard. 

See the results after one week:

Photo 25-09-2019, 14 17 21.jpg

This experiment taught the boys that seeds can still germinate (sprout) without light. However, without light they will die sooner and they will also not turn green. 

2nd Class Science - Germ Experiment

We placed three different slices of bread in three separate Ziploc bags and observed these for one week. The first slice had been touched by everyone's unwashed hands, the second slice had been handled with a glove and the third slice was touched by freshly washed hands. Check out our results after one week!!

Results of our Germ Experiment: It has been a full week since we placed the three slices of bread into the bags and hung them in our classroom. We observed the bread in each bag and discussed the differences between the results. We have learned how important it is to wash our hands before we handle food!!!

2nd Class Science - Thirsty Celery

We placed celery sticks in a glass of water with red food dye. We observed the celery over one week in our classroom and watched it gradually turned red. This showed us how plants drink water.

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In Science this month we have been looking at the body and our skeleton. To show the importance of our ribs, the boys created a protective layer using lots of different materials such as tin foil, cling film and foam. To test their durability, the boys tested out their creations by placing a biscuit inside and dropping it from a great height. We had no broken biscuits so it was an overall success!

Science Week- 3rd Class

Last week in 3rd Class we did lots of fun science experiments to celebrate Science week. We made paper rockets out of straws and tested their distance based on their design and shape. We also made CD Hoverboards using balloons. Check out the photos below!

Science Week 2019 - Rang a 2

Rainbow Spinners - In this activity children learn that not only can white light be broken up into the rainbow colours, but also that the rainbow colours can be brought together to produce white light. They also learn about persistence of vision (i.e. that if things move fast enough the eye cannot distinguish between them and they merge).

Throughout Science Week the boys brought in loads of wonderful Science experiments from home - we learned so much!

2nd Class' STEM School Tour - Explorium

Second Class went on their first school tour of the year, to Explorium, during Science Week. They had a great time and learned so much!

Science Week - Rang a 4 

We have had a very busy science week in Rang a 4!

We completed an experiment to test for the presence of starch. We added iodine to a number of foods and materials, if the iodine turned a blue-black colour starch was present.

We completed three investigations about 'Myself'.

We found,described and compared our fingerprints.

We discovered our dominant eye, and we also found our blind spot!

This year we are taking part in the STEPS Young Engineering Award. This competition encourages students to explore the world of engineering by developing a project to help improve the local community.

We have seven teams taking part, and each team have been working very hard on their prototypes. We will present these projects to an engineer next week.


11th -15th November 2019

Maths Week- Rang a 4

We have had a very busy Maths week! 

This week we learned how to code, completed maths trails, solved maths riddles, played 'noggle', and resolved robberies using our knowledge of 2-D shapes!

Maith sibh Rang a 4!

12th-20th October 2019


STEM Engineering Projects- 3rd Class

Over the last number of the weeks, the boys in 3rd Class have been designing their own Engineering Projects which would help improve Dalkey. There were great ideas such as the introduction of a cycle lane, a Dalkey garden and even litter picking robots! On Wednesday 27th November, the boys had a visit from Alan from Engineering Ireland. They presented their projects to Alan and made some wind turbines. The boys really enjoyed the visit and impressed Alan with their fantastic projects!

STEPS Engineering Award


Rang a 4 are taking part in the STEPS Engineering award this year. Over the past two months the boys have been working on projects that will improve the local community. They have come up with super ideas; from planting trees, providing more public bins and creating cycle paths on the main street. Fergal, a water engineer from Engineering Ireland visited our school to watch the boys present their projects. He was very impressed with their work. The boys completed two very interesting engineering activities with  Fergals help, they designed their own community, and created wind turbines.