Maths week 2020

We have been working really hard on our tables in 5th class. We decided to record our class today for you all to hear for Maths week. We have practiced up the multiples of 8 so far this term.

The boys created their own Maths word problems and riddles using images and items and uploaded them to Edmodo. They then took the role of a teacher and came into class and gave feedback to the others when they were trying to complete the question and give the solution. We had great fun. Here are a few samples.


Conveyor belts 

Lava lamps

 Chemical Energy

We learned how Oil is less dense then water

We learned how the Alka Seltzer is a combination of sodium bicarbonate, aspirin and a citric acid. The hydrogen reacts with the bicarbonate to produce carbon dioxide, which appears as bubbles in the lava lamp.

The gas bubbles rose up and took some food coloring and water with them to the surface. Once all the gas bubbles have escaped then the water and oil separate again

     Marbel Runs


The paper spinner spins as it falls. When it starts to fall, the air pressure under the wings increases (air resistance). This cause an upward force underneath the wings which slows the spinner down. The increased pressure also causes a sideways push on the vertical part at the top of the spinner. The same thing will be happening diagonally opposite under the other wing., which causes the spinner to spin. The faster the spinner falls the greater the sideways push, and so the more it spins.


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