STEM 4th class

Myself - Investigating fingerprints, dominant eye and blind spot

STEM - Rang a 4 

We completed three investigations about 'Myself'.

We found,described and compared our fingerprints.

We discovered our dominant eye, and we also found our blind spot!

We described our fingerprints in four different ways : Cusps, Loops, Splits and Ridges.

Although some of our fingerprints were similar, no two were the same !

Every fingerprint is unique!

Starch is Everywhere!

We completed an experiment to test for the presence of starch. We added iodine to a number of foods and materials, if the iodine turned a blue-black colour starch was present. 


This year Rang a 4 took part in the STEPS Engineering award. The boys worked very hard on projects that will improve the local community. They came up with super ideas; from planting trees, providing more public bins and creating cycle paths on the main street.

Fergal, a water engineer from Engineering Ireland visited our school to watch the boys present their projects. He was very impressed with their work. The boys completed two very interesting engineering activities with Fergal's help, they designed their own community, and created wind turbines. 

How much air can our lungs hold?

We carried out an investigation to measure the amount of air that we breathe into our lungs. 

We filled a large empty bottle with water. We turned the bottle over and placed it in a basin filled with water.

We had to carefully add tubing into the basin.

We took a deep breath and exhaled into the tubing. 

We then measured how much air was now in the top of the bottle, this was the amount of air that our lungs could hold.

Amazing Triangles

We learned all about amazing triangles! The triangle is a strong shape and is used to support structures. As it is not easily deformed, the triangle is a very popular building shape.

We used toothpicks and mini-marshmallows to create our own squares, cubes, triangles and pyramids. We compared each of these shapes.

We then had a construction competition - Who could make the sturdiest creation using their toothpicks and marshmallows. There were many amazing creations!

Maths Week

We have had a very busy Maths week this year! 

We learned how to code, completed maths trails, solved maths riddles, played 'noggle', and resolved robberies using our knowledge of 2-D shapes!

Maith sibh Rang a 4!

Length & Perimeter

We were learning about length and perimeter in maths. We decided to use what we have learned to find the perimeter of the basketball courts.

In groups of four the boys used both trundle wheels and metre sticks to find the perimeter of each court


We have been learning about area in maths! We defined area as 'the space within the perimeter'.

We used books and copybooks to measure the area of our desks. This showed us how important it is to have a standard measurement, as everyone got a different answer!


We then measured out a meter squared on the classroom floor to see exactly how big it is!

Science Open Evening 

Rang a 4 really enjoyed showing off all their excellent science experiments at this years Science Open Evening in the school!

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