STEM - Rang a 4 

Welcome to the STEM section of our website. We really hope you enjoy looking at all of our wonderful work this year in

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths!

Science Week 2021

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Lava Lamps

Outdoor Show & Tell

Indoor Show & Tell

Making Hovercrafts

Constructing Magnetic Cars

Amazing Shapes

2-D Shapes

Maths Week 2021


Four-Digit Bingo

The boys used their mini-whiteboards to play Bingo with four-digit numbers, to better understand place value. 

Our Maths games arrived just in time for Maths Week - Tune Into Tens, Multiplication Savvy, Division Savvy, Multiplication and Division Bingo, Percentages Fractions & Decimals Bingo, Decodable Word Problems, Tell the Time Snap!


We have been using peg boards and elastic bands to help us understand that multiplication is commutative, i.e.

3 x 5 = 5 x 3. 


We have been investigating characteristics about ourselves - we took our own fingerprints and observed them closely. We also figured out which eye is our dominant eye and discovered what our blind spot is. 

We also tricked our eyes with an activity called Mirror Writing. The boys really enjoyed this!