Welcome to the 3rd Class STEM Page!

Surface Tension

The boys completed a series of experiments to test surface tension.

In the first one, they had a pin on a piece of kitchen paper which they placed into a jug of water and noted how the paper reacted with the water.

Secondly, they placed coins into a full jug of water and watched how the jug of water changed once the coins were placed in.

Lastly (and definitely the most popular) the boys put a little drop of washing up liquid into a jug of water and blew bubbles with a straw. 

Check out the pictures below! 

This term, Rang a 3 and Rang a 4 are participating in a very exciting science project run by Engineering Ireland. The boys have been put into groups and they must create an engineering invention which improves their local community. Today, the boys had their first group meeting and came up with lots of brilliant ideas such as; converting the church carpark into a garden, widening St Patrick's Road and creating docks for electric cars. We will keep you updated on all our progress over the next number of weeks!



\The boys have been looking at solar energy these last few days. In order to test the effectiveness of solar panels, the boys completed an experiment. Using 3 thermometers, they placed each of them under different conditions; one covered in black paper, another in white paper and the last one exposed. They left them for 2 minutes and then noted the different temperatures on each thermometer.


 Engineering Project

Back in November, the boys completed the STEPS Engineering Project and presented their projects to an engineer. Although they did not win, the boys got their own certificate of participation which they were very happy about!