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Congratulations to our Fifth class team who won the Christopher Cannon cup in the Senior Football Autumn League in Thomastown. On Thursday 9th November the boys won both their semi final against Dalkey School Project with captain Cathal Power and their final against Scoil Mhuire with captain Ross Byrne. Well done!

Congratulations also to the sixth class team who were runners up in their league final against St. Anne’s with captains Jude Webb and Declan Jones. It was a great match, well played!



Rang IV 2017

Please fell free to explore our website:


Rang VI 2017

We are very excited to show you what has been happening in Sixth class, please click on the link below to find out.


Rang 2 2017

Please feel free to catch up with everything  Rang 2 are doing on their very own webpage:  www.ranga2.weebly.com



Newsletter October 2017

NEWSLETTER – October 2017

Cake Sale: Harold Boys’ N.S. Annual Cake Sale will take place in the school Hall on Saturday the 21st October from 10am -1pm. A Scary Cake Competition will be held in the school the day before. This is a major fundraiser for the school, so donations of raffle prizes will be gratefully accepted closer to the date. More information will be sent home in the boys’ schoolbags in early October

DES Inspection On September 15th Edel Corcoran (our new Inspector from the Dept. of Education & Skills) spent the day in Harold Boys’ N.S. for an “Incidental Inspection”. She was very impressed with the standard of English & Maths in the school. However, what really stood out, she said, was the Gaeilge being spoken in the school. She thought the boys were extremely “competent & confident” at Gaeilge. Maith Sibh a bhuachaillí!

The Parents’ Association AGM was held on 18th September. The following parents are on the committee: 2nd class Kathy o Keefe, Patricia Duignan 3rd class Sharon Goff, Jennifer Meehan 4th class Tara Peterman, Louise Pantony 5th class Tracey Mc Grane, Elena Mihalec 6th class Susannagh Grogan, Matt o Hanlon Chair : Sheena Lambert Co chair : Orlagh Webb Treasurer : Kevin Quinn

Lunches Please do not give your son pesto for lunch. Kindly remind boys not to share their lunch with other pupils.
Goal Jersey Day is being organised this year by Ciaran Fitzgerald
& Jude Webb. Please support GOAL by wearing a jersey on 13th October.

Green School Our Green Schools Committee for 2017-18 has been decided! Sitting on the committee this year will be Adam Byrne and Matthew Gibbons (2nd class) Adam McCormick and Andrew Meehan (3rd class) Andre Fontes and Darragh Walsh (4th class) Milan Vadell-Bourke and Mauro Fouz Serrano (5th class) Gabriel Murphy, Ciarán Fitzgerald and Rory O’Mahony (6th class) David Prior (Parents Rep)
Marvin Bautista, Ms Buckley, Ms O’Neill, Mr Smith (Staff reps).
One of the first tasks we have undertaken this year is participating in the Dalkey Creates Wheelbarrow Gardens project. Our colourful wheelbarrows can currently be seen in our school garden but will be moved to Dalkey Church Garden on Friday 20th October as part of the Dalkey Creates Festival.
We have also launched a new blog at http://hbnsgreenschools.weebly.com/ to keep everyone updated on our Green Schools news. Be sure to check it out to see plenty of pictures of our Green Schools committee in action and to see what Green Schools activities are happening in our school as part of our efforts to get the Biodiversity Green Flag this year.

Online Payment We are most grateful to parents who have chosen to pay online & would encourage all parents to do so. Please email Ms Weafer if you would like to organise this.

Family Mass The choir/Drama group are looking for boys to participate in the 10am Sunday family Mass. Practice time is Thursday 6.15-7.30. If interested, please contact Audrey 0868292781

Sports News Fifth and Sixth class are currently representing our school in the Autumn Senior Football League in Thomastown. Fourth class have begun their swimming lessons in Castlepark swimming pool.

Uniform Items – Recycled Earlier this year we began a new initiative to recycle school uniform items. Students and parents donated outgrown or unused school clothes, which were in good condition. We then had a sale at the end of term and were thrilled to see a good response and interest so we will continue for the coming academic year. The project is run by parents and all proceeds will go towards school funds.
To Donate: Drop your good quality uniform items into the school. We would appreciate pieces of clothing that are still in good condition. The items will then be sorted, sized, priced, and resold from our school rail. Items range from €1 to €6.
To Purchase: We intend to open our ‘shop’ several times over the year. Last year we wheeled our offering outside but we can see what weather permits. Next dates for Uniform Sale 26th and 27th October. If you need an immediate item due to loss or damage contact Sharon (086 8588830) or Niamh (085 7664989) for help.

Gaeilgeoir Na Seachtaine

Rang 2 Maitiu Mac Giobúin
Dáire Kral
Eoghan Ó Ceallaigh

Rang 3 Oisín Ó hÍfearnáin
Caoimhín de Róiste
Séamus Ó Caiside

Rang 4 Dáire Breatnach
Séamas Ó Seasnáin
Andre Fontes

Rang 5 Dónall de Faoite
Conchúr ó Bruadair
Diarmuid de Paor

Rang 6 Ciarán Mac Gearailt
Deaglán Mac Seoin

Dates for your Diary
13th October GOAL Jersey Day
21st 22nd October Dalkey Creates Workshops
21st October Cake Sale – Harold Boys’ N.S. School Hall 10 am – 1 pm
27th October 2.30 p.m. to 6th November 8.50 a.m. Mid-term
13th November
14th November Parent/Teacher meetings – School closes 2.15 p.m.
Parent/Teacher meetings – school closes 2.30 p.m.

How to play Chess


Green Schools 2017

Please click on the link below to see the amazing work of our fantastic Green School Committee. Many thanks to you all!


3rd Class Blog

Please come and visit our 3rd class blog. Here you can keep up to date on what’s going on in our class.












Welcome back to everyone! A special word of welcome to our new pupils in 2nd class and to Jonathan O Donnell Wall, Conor McGrane, Mauro Fouz Serrano, Noah O Regan, Alvaro Goizueta, Javier Calle Rodriguez.

Welcome – To Ms Carole Crowley who is a new permanent mainstream class teacher. Congratulations to Ms Hanmore who had a baby boy Bobby during the summer. Mr Antoin Bracken is taking her class during her maternity leave. Ms Emma Dwyer has been appointed as a full time Special Needs Assistant.

School starts at 9:10 a.m. Please do not send your son to school before the doors open at 8.50 a.m. as there is no supervision provided before this time. Also, a reminder to be punctual when collecting your son at 2.30 p.m.

Reminder: Please do not park in residents’ driveways on St. Patrick’s Road. Kindly meet your son across the road at 2.30 pm, as it is difficult to exit the school with the increase in our pupil numbers.

School Policies: The following policies were ratified at a recent meeting of the Board of Management: Child Protection, Anti Bullying, Health & Safety, Data Protection, and Critical Incidents.

Parents’ Association AGM will take place on 19th September at 7.30 p.m. Please support the meeting.

Book Rental Please note: your son has been allocated an identification number which is on all the books he will rent this year. These books must be returned to the school in June 2018. Parents/Guardians will be asked to purchase new books if those rented are lost or damaged.
Uniform Crests are available in the office. The cost of the crest is €6. Please ensure that your son wears his full uniform at all times and that all items of the uniform has his name clearly marked on them.

Office Hours: 9 am – 1 pm Monday to Friday. Please note that the office is unattended after 1 pm. PLEASE notify Ms Weafer of a new phone number or change of address

After School Activities: These activities begin September 7th. Monday – Drama. Tuesday – Guitar. Wednesday – Basketball (Rang 3 & 4). Wednesday – Gaelic (Rang 5 & 6). Thursday – Chess. Please send payments directly to these teachers and not to the school office.

Wellness Wednesday
With the aim of promoting wellbeing across the whole school community, we offer a ‘No Homework Day’ on ‘Wellness Wednesday’ the first Wednesday of every month. Instead of homework, the pupils engage in an activity that places particular emphasis on family interaction. This could be baking, going for a walk, board games or simply sitting down to enjoy a meal as a family. Cognisant of every family’s individual circumstances, this is an optional initiative. No homework shall be given throughout the school on ‘Wellness Wednesday’

Lunches – As several pupils have food allergies, we ask you not to include the following in your son’s lunch: Nutella, Snickers, peanut butter, fish or kiwi fruit. Please remind your son not to share his lunch with anyone.
Healthy Lunch reminder: No crisps, bars, sweets, gum or fizzy drinks. The HSE advises first break to be a ‘fruit break’. Friday can be a treat day e.g. a bar. This applies to school tours also.

Sports News – The senior football league will take place in Thomastown every Thursday from 14th September until the midterm for Fifth and Sixth class. Basketball coaching has begun for Second and Third class with Ed Randolf. Fourth class will begin swimming lessons on Thursday 21st September

Dates for your Diary
11th September 7.30 p.m. Meeting for parents of Rang 2 in Dalkey Church
19th September Parents’ association AGM
12th May 1st Communion Rg 2

School Closures 2017-2018

School Closures 2017-2018


School re-opens

Thursday 31st August
8.50 a.m.

October Mid-term

Friday 27th October -
Monday 6th November
2.30 p.m.
8.50 a.m.

Christmas Holidays

Friday 22nd December –
Monday 8th January

12 noon
8.50 a.m.


February Mid-term

Friday 9th February –
Monday 19th February
2.30 p.m.
8.50 a.m.

Public Holiday

19th March
School closed

Easter Holidays
Friday 23rd March –
Monday 9th April

12 noon
8.50 a.m.

Public Holiday Monday 7th May School closed
Public Holiday Monday 4th June School closed
Summer Holidays Thursday 28th June 12 noon

The above are school closures as envisaged at present. If there are any changes in days or times of closure you will be notified.
Please keep this notice in a Safe Place

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