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                                          The Vet Report    


Dr. Paul McCarthy came into the class to talk about animals and animal medicine.  He talked about all kinds of animal medicine and surgery like, absorbable stitches which are for internal surgery like getting your stomach stitched and anaesthetics which you would use to put a human or an animal to sleep so you can perform surgery on them without hurting  them. He also said that in the olden days they did not have anaesthetics so you would have to perform surgery while the patient is awake. Dr. McCarthy said that it is good that medicine has improved so much.  He said he had a dog waiting for surgery to get a tumour removed. He said that a tumour is caused by a bad cell in your body which then turns into a tumour. It takes five or six years to train to become a vet. He says that being a Vet is hard work but it is a good job to do. He also says that you should get your dog neutered because there are too many unwanted new born dogs in Ireland. So you should get your dog neutered.

                                                               THE END

  By James Fagan and Matthew Hayes, assisted by Eoghan Fay

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